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Over 60% of trademark applications receive Office Actions from the USPTO. Although it may seem distressing, it doesn’t have to be. Many Office Actions can be cleared up with some clerical fixes. You shouldn't give up your application because of this hurdle.

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Trademark Office Action Response - Get Help to Resolve Issues with Your Trademark Application

If you have received a notice of Office action from the USPTO, you are being notified that there are problems with your trademark application. If you failed to reply within 6 months or your response does not meet the requirements, you may forever lose your right to use that trademark. File your response with our attorneys to get your trademark back on track at a flat fee now.


Office Action Response


Respond to all kinds of informality issues, such as:

  • Agreement to a disclaimer request
  • Improper Specimens
  • Amendment of identification of goods/services
  • Change/addition of an international class (+government fee for any additional classes)
  • Improper Entity Type
  • Translation of foreign words
  • Amendment of filing basis
  • Claims of ownership of other applications


Office Action Response

  • Refusal on basis of descriptiveness, geographic significance, surname, or other substantive objections
  • Assertion of acquired distinctiveness with arguments/evidence
  • Argument against a disclaimer request
  • Refusal on basis of ornamentation
  • Deadline missed but no later than 2 months after notice of abandonment issued
  • Additional information about specimens

Likelihood of Confusion

Office Action Response


Argument against the refusal based on likelihood of confusion with cited similar trademarks. We will normally draft 7 to 13 pages of argumentation to convince the USPTO to approve your application.